Say hello
to your new
accountants & bookkeepers

Say hello
to your new
accountants & bookkeepers

Talking Numbers are your dedicated team of expert accountants and bookkeepers. We keep your business compliant with HMRC and give you the financial information to start, manage or grow your business.

Not only do we talk numbers with you, we listen to the numbers talking to us; we hear them, we understand what they are saying and we share the information with you.

We can teach you how to hear and understand your numbers, and how to use them to improve your business and make more money.

When you provide your service or product it is all about your knowledge, skill or trade. Running a business is all about the numbers.

Select an option below:

Select an option below:

Talking Numbers Speak the Language
of Small Business

Experts in Small Business

Business people work with us because we genuinely care and want you to succeed, we are experts and we love helping small businesses. We know exactly what you need to grow!

Your Dedicated Team

We’re not an office of suits you speak to once a year… We can work with you, support you, assist with putting the processes in place to run your business profitably, efficiently and legally.

We Love The Journey

We love the endless possibilities of small business; What if everything you are planning succeeds? What if your dream does come true? What a privilege for us to be part of that journey.

How We Can Help You

We offer a full selection of services for small and growing businesses! Learn more by selecting a service below:

Our Services for Small Businesses

Let’s Get Started

It’s time you knew your numbers!


When you start

We will ensure your business is legal, compliant and you understand your numbers.

As your business grows

We will work with you, support you and help you to run your business profitably and efficiently.

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